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When we were sailing along the US coast, we visited family often. When we headed offshore, but still within easy travel distance, we
visited yearly. Now that we're half way around world away, travel time and expense has increased substantially. We travel home less
frequently ~every 2 years, but we stay for longer periods.
Summer in New England 2007
A summer of family ... Brennan & Hannah married and a long trip with David's Mom, Becky
Home for Christmas 2008
Hectic, but fun, as we tried to visit family spread across the US in a rather short visit
Rediscovering America 2010
An outstanding cross-country trip. We fell in love with America all over again.
American Odyssey 2012
A 6-month journey criss-crossing the USA visiting national parks and monuments and every bit of Americana along the way
Birds of the USA
Flowers of the USA