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Welcome to American Odyssey 2012
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We returned to the USA at the end of March 2012 after a nearly two year absence.
Like our last trip home, we purchased a car and planned a cross-country trip across
America taking a different route than the
2010 trip and seeing as much as possible
along the way.

We begin our American Odyssey  in
Las Vegas visiting with David's mum and sister
with a plan to head out at the end of April. Come along with us...it's bound to be fun
and interesting.

Websites that we've found to be fun while planning this trip:

  • www.worldslargestdoc.com  - Hundreds of small towns across the U.S.A.
    claim the "world's largest" something from 15-foot fiberglass strawberries to 40-
    foot concrete pheasants. Odd, funny and sometimes surprising, these curiosities
    stand as testaments to the uniqueness and pride that all people feel about their
    communities and themselves. We plan to visit as many as possible and find more
    as we go ...just because we can.

  • byways.org - a grassroots effort to help recognize, preserve and enhance
    selected roads throughout the United States. We've found them good choices.
Here's the final route we took across the country and back again. The map reflects the trip from Las Vegas to California and a very
circuitous route to and around Denver (Odyssey Part I). After leaving Denver, we headed to Boston (Odyssey Part II) still at a slow
pace, but bit more direct route. Then it was time to head back to Las Vegas (Odyssey Part III). An unexpected trip to California and
back ended our sojourn in the USA. What a trip!
Trip Mileage: 15, 113 miles a/o  12 August 2012
(does not include our roundtrip LV-Cal-LV)
"The Eisenhower Interstate
system requires that one mile in
every five must be straight. These
straight sections are usable as
emergency landing strips."

We've since learned from the US
Dept of Transportation that this is
an urban myth.
The Odyssey is done...all  30 national park sites, 30 states + Washington,
D.C. + Ontario, Canada ... 15,000+ miles of it. We saw lots and missed
even more. Next time...next time.
American Odyssey 2012 - Part I (Las Vegas to Denver)

Around & About Denver - the Mile High City

American Odyssey 2012 - Part II (Denver to Boston)

New England Summer

American Odyssey...Part III  (Boston to Vegas)

American Odyssey Addendum (Vegas-Calif-Vegas)

National Parks and Monuments

Roadside Americana...and other quirky stuff

Birds of North America

US Wildflowers