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Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico Facts...
Official Name: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
         a territory of the USA
Capital: San Juan
Population: ~ 4 million
Area: 100 x 35 square miles…about the size of
Currency: US dollar $
Language: English and Spanish
Highest point: Cerro de Punta 1,339 m
After a month  in the DR, we left Luperon and headed directly for Puerto Rico.
The 48-hour passage was a bit rainy, but otherwise thankfully uneventful. We
headed through the sometimes treacherous Mona Passage within a stone’s throw
of Isla Desecheo.  We anchored in Boqueron and cleared U.S. Customs and
Immigration via a taxi ride just to the North in Mayaguez.
The dink dock at Boqueron was pleasant and
Once checked in, we didn't stay long in
Boqueron, but opted to sail along PR's
southern coast to the beaches of Ponce.
The most colorful building in Ponce
was the old fire department...now a
One of the best views of San Juan
Harbor from the fortress of El Morro.
One of many parks along Paseo la
Princesa. The city is beautiful...a fine mix
of Spanish colonial and modern.
In Salinas, we rented a car for a few days
and drove to San Juan. We'd visited
several times before in the past and really
loved the old city. Above, a typical street
Without a doubt the image most
associated with “Isla del Encanto” is
the sentry box or garita.  The boxes
are located at the outer angles of the
bastions and along the city walls and
allowed centuries of sentries to keep
watch over the city.  Their form and
function fascinated me and offered
unlimited photo opportunities.
My favorite picture of Old San Juan
taken from the top of the City Wall
overlooks the City Gate. To the right,
this window caught my eye with its
Puerto Rican flag flying proudly.
From Puerto Rico, we sailed on to the Spanish Virgin Islands and then the AVIs.
There's plenty of room and we love the company...Come with us!
Mini facts:
*It’s a 1000 miles southeast of Miami
*Columbus “discovered” the island November 1493
*Puerto Rico was ceded to the U.S. from Spain in
 1898 as a result of the Spanish American War.
*There is no sales tax here and there is a