s/y Nine of Cups
The Personal Side of the Crew
There's obviously a side to us that doesn't involve sailing and cruising (hard to believe, but it's true).

David is originally from Michigan although spent most of his childhood  growing up in Colorado. Marcie was born in
Leicester, MA (about 50 miles west of Boston) and grew up and went to school and university in New England. David
spent six years in the US Navy and never was aboard a ship. Though Marcie grew up near the Atlantic, she was never on
a sailboat as a kid or young adult.

A typical question cruiser's ask each other when they meet..."What did you do in your land  (other) life?"
David's an Electrical Engineer. Marcie's career was in medical marketing. We owned our own medical instrumentation
company in Denver for nearly 10 years then sold it to a "larger fish", who sold to a "larger fish" and well, you know how
that story goes. We bought  "Nine of Cups" in  February 2000, retired in April 2000, moved aboard the same month and
sailed off across the Gulf of Mexico by the end of May.  We sold our house, furniture, cars and all the land anchors we
had. What few mementos we have left are in boxes in Marcie's sister's basement in Massachusetts.

David's main efforts now are concentrated on keeping the boat afloat. Besides the usual galley work, cleaning and sewing
activities, Marcie loves photography and writing and so maintains this website and journal passages as well as contributing
several articles a year for publication. She has served on the Board of Directors of
 SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising
Association) and continues to volunteer her efforts on its behalf.

We have three kids...Casey, Brennan and Brad...all grown up and on their own. We have eight grandkids!  Yup, hard to
believe...even for us. Though the family visits us on Nine of Cups  when they can, it's hard to find the time in their hectic
lives to get away...especially when we're so far away! We try to get home at least once a year to catch up and see how
much our grandchildren have grown.
Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado
Brennan & Hannah's Wedding 2007
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Home for Christmas 2008
Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, 2001 with
Nine of Cups in the background
Rediscovering America 2010
Nine of Cups' salon
Dunedin, New Zealand 2011
Courtesy Otago Daily Times
Colca Canyon, Peru - 2004
Curracai, Las Aves, Venezuela
At Brennan's wedding
Maryland 2007
Yacht Club Punta del Este
Uruguay 2006
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Vernadsky Station, Antarctica
March 2006
New England Summer 2007
Pitcairn Island
Puerto Montt, Chile
Sydney Harbor Bridge - 2012
American Odyssey 2012
Machu Picchu, Peru - 2004