s/y Nine of Cups
2003 &  2008
Things do change. We were in Panama in 2003 and when we returned the procedures for check-in and check-out had changed, the immigration
rules for US citizens had changed and there was a new marina (Shelter Bay). Some things were new, some were starting to look worn and others
were downright worn out.  This country as the "crossroads" of the world unites two oceans. We did some things again and enjoyed learning new
things. Our travels included the San Blas Islands, two Canal transits, the Chagres River,  the Pearl Islands, the Darien rivers and Puerto Pina on
the Colombia border. There's much more to see, but we just never seem to have time for it all.  Click on highlighted words to view.
Panama 2008 - Our time at
Shelter Bay Marina, our 2nd
Panama Canal Transit and a trip
to Panama City.
A visit to an Embera'Puru
village in Parque Nacional
Chagres. (2008)
Puerto Pina and en route to
Ecuador (2008)
Islas Perlas
Rivers of the
Darien Jungle
Panama 2003 - Our time in
Colon, a visit to the Chagres
River and our first Canal Transit.
Our month in the San Blas Islands
with the Kuna. (2003)