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Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado
We certainly see some eyebrows raise as folks notice that our registered hailing port on Cup's transom is that famous sea-faring town of  Denver,
Colorado. Actually any city/town can be listed as a Hailing Port and folks usually choose their home port/town. One of the most frequent
comments we hear in conjunction with this: "I'll bet it was hard getting the boat down from Denver!"  The practiced response "A little portage,
but it was all downhill. Getting it back up the hill will be the tough part.".  For friends who are not familiar with Colorado, we offer this page.
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Just for some orientation, here's the U.S. map. Colorado is a
western state (although considered midwest by some). To put things
into perspective, Marcie was born in Massachusetts on the East
Coast and David was born in Michigan (central) and his family
moved to Colorado when he was young. It's a big, big country and
Americans tend to move around a lot.
Colorado Facts:
Capitol: Denver, the Mile High City
Population: 4,753,377 (est 2006)
Area: 104,100 sq. miles (8th largest state in the USA)
Nickname: The Centennial State...became a state in 1876
Highest point: Mt. Elbert (14,433 feet/3rd tallest in the USA) and
we've climbed to the top!
State flag which we fly
on our port flag halyard.
State animal: Rocky Mountain Big
Horn Sheep. You can see them
along the ledges as you drive along
I70 and drive into the mountains.
The lark bunting
is the state bird.
The blue columbine is
our beautiful state
flower (aquilgelia
caerules). When in
season, the
mountainsides are
covered with them.
Probably the most interestingly curious animal  in
Colorado is the jackelope. We don't see them often,
but when you do, it's always a surprise!
Here's a good one...the state fossil is the stegasaurus! It
seems that Colorado was a stomping ground for these
critters in the Mesozoic period, some 150 million years
ago. There's even a town in Colorado named Dinosaur.
And, NO, I did not take this photo!
Buffalo (American bison) herds roamed free across the plains
in past centuries, but now are relegated to a few herds visible
along I70 heading from Denver  into the mountains.
Colorado blue spruce covered in pure white Colorado snow.
The Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains is the separation
of all water that flows to the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.
Denver, Colorado's capital, is a great city. Lots to do, lots to
see... an interesting blend of culture and cowboys. Above, the
Denver City Center decked out in holiday spirit. The costs of
illuminating all the lights is paid for by donations from local citizens.
Mining...silver, gold and lots of other minerals,  is big part
of Colorado's history.
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The name Colorado comes from the
Spanish meaning "red" or "colorful".
There are 54 peaks in
Colorado above 14,000'.
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