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We obviously have seen many lighthouses in our
travels and thought we'd share some of them
with you. With the help of Wikipedia, we've also
provided some history and information.

A lighthouse is a tower, building or other type of
structure designed to emit light from a system of
lamps and lenses or, in older times, from a fire,
and used as an aid to navigation for pilots at sea
or on inland waterways.

Used to mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous
shoals and reefs and safe entries to harbors,
lighthouses  can also assist in aerial navigation.
Once widely used, the number of operational
lighthouses has declined due to the expense of
maintenance and replacement by modern
electronic navigational aids.

Perhaps the most famous lighthouse in history is
the Lighthouse of Alexandria, built on the island
of Pharos in Hellenistic Egypt. The name Pharos
is still used as the noun for "lighthouse" in some
languages, for example: Albanian, Catalan and
Romanian (far), French (phare), Italian, Galician
and Spanish (faro), Portuguese (farol), Danish,
Norwegian and Swedish (fyr), Bulgarian (фар),
and Greek (φάρος). The term "pharology"
(study of lighthouses) also derives from the
island's name.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built in 280
BC to serve as the port's landmark. With a
height variously estimated between 115 and 135
meters (383 - 440 ft) it was among the tallest
man-made structures on Earth for many
centuries, and was identified as one of the Seven
Wonders of the World by classical writers.

Source: Lighthouse - Wikipedia, the free
Estrecho de Magellanes, Chile
(Straits of Magellan)
Paradise Island Light-Nassau, Bahamas
Faro Eclaireurs - Ushuaia, Argentina
Great Stirrup Cay Light - Bahamas
Hopetown Light - Bahamas
Block Island, Rhode Island - USA
Ceru Bontana Light - Bonaire
East Head Harbour Light-Campobello Island
Faro Fuerte Niebla - Valdivia, Chile
Chesapeake Bay
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Faro Gran Roque, Grand Roque, Vz
Swallowtail Light - Grand Mannan Is.
Klein Curacao Light - Bonaire
Swallowtail Light - close up
Nelson Light - Nelson, NZ
Lookout Light - Beaufort, NC
Narragansett Bay off Newport, RI
White Head Light - Maine
Cape Reinga Light - New Zealand
Swakopmund Lighthouse - Namibia
( Thanks, John!!)
Narragansett Bay - Rhode Island
Faro Cayo Elbert - Gran Roque, VZ
Cape Reinga light from at sea - NZ
Puerto Lucia - La Libertad, Ecuador
Cape Point Light - Cape Point, RSA
Kommetje Light - South Africa
Drum Point Light- Maryland,USA
Grand Turk Light - Grand Turk
Boca Light - Trinidad
Colonia - Uruguay
Punta del Este - Uruguay
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Jose Ignacio - Uruguay
Isla Cubagua - Venezuela
Playa el Faro - Venezuela
Lighthouses for sale?
Evidently, unless they're
"adopted", many
lighthouses go on the
auction block when they're
no longer needed. Read
more at
Historic lightship - Portsmouth, VA
In waters too deep for a conventional
structure, a lightship was sometimes used
instead of a lighthouse. Most of these have
now been replaced by fixed light platforms  
similar to those used for offshore oil drilling.
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Nubble Light - York, Maine, USA
Southhead Light - Bundaberg, Australia
Historic Burnett Heads Light -
Bundaberg, Australia
Point Stephens Light
NSW, Australia
Double Island Point Lite - Queensland
Caloundra Light - Queensland
Barrenjoey Light-NSW,Australia
Grotto Point Light - Sydney Harbour
Hornby Light - Sydney Harbour, NSW
Macquarie Light -Sydney South Head, NSW
Australia's First Lighthouse
The Wedding Cake - Sydney Harbour
Green Cape Light - just south of Eden, NSW
Boyd's Tower - Eden, NSW
Built to be a lighthouse; never illuminated
Point Hicks Light - Victoria
Deal Island Light - Tasmania
Sandy Cape Lite - Tasmania
Cape Sorrell Light
West Coast, Tas
Entrance Island Lite - Macquarie Harbour, Tas
Bonnet Island Lite
Macquarie Harbour, Tas
Fort Dennison Lite - Sydney Harbour
Lightship Carpentaria
Sydney Maritime Museum
Waipapa Point Light - New Zealand
Cape Bruny Light - Tasmania
Currie Lighthouse - King Island, Tasmania
Cape Wickham Light - King Island
Port Adelaide Light, Port Adelaide
South Australia
Whaler's Bluff Light - Portland, Victoria
Port Nelson Lighthouse, Portland Discovery Coast
This page will grow as we photograph
more lighthouses in our travels, so check
back every so often.
Cape Jervis Light - Land's End
Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia
Althorpe Island Light - South Australia
West Cape Light - Yorke Peninsula
South Australia
Cape Donnington Light - Port Lincoln, SA