Magellan Louise Lemay Lynn aka Jelly
March 24, 2000 - September 13, 2014
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Jelly (christened name Magellan Louise Lemay
Lynn), was born March 24, 2000 and was
adopted at age 6 weeks from the local SPCA in
League City, TX.  As of Fall 2007, Jelly went to
live permanently with Marcie's Mom, Bea, in
Mansfield, MA, USA. As Cups and crew planned
to head west across the Pacific, the thoughts of
quarantining Jelly for long periods didn't seem
reasonable. New Zealand and Australia are not
especially  welcoming to visiting animals. Jelly
agreed wholeheartedly. We're sure that thoughts of
returning to the sailing life never even enters her
  But we certainly miss her!
Always watch for that elusive green flash.
Exhausted from the carnival festivities, Jelly
went to sleep with her costume on.
miss the opportunity for a nap
. Some rules
bear repeating!
Fishing is life...the rest is details.
It's okay to be cute sometimes. It keeps the
humans amused. Here's looking at you, kid!
Never underestimate the pleasure
found in a simple feather
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Take time to smell the roses.
Christmas 2005 in Talcahuano, Chile.
On a boat, you have to have rules...and on this boat, the cat rules!
It’s important to establish rules for your people early in their training to insure they
are trained properly to handle all of  your needs.
If they sneak up on you and give you a pat and
want some affection in return, throw a hissy fit.
Only the cat shall determine when it’s time
for affection.
If the captain should put anything at all on his
nav station that makes a good noise or fits into a
cat’s mouth, it should be removed to the floor
immediately, swatted, then hidden.
swat, hide!
If the food dish is empty and biting the first mate’s
legs does not remedy the situation, then throw
back your ears and  knock over the water bottle.
When she comes to mop up all the water, she’ll fill
the bowl.
Take direct action.
Join in games if you feel like it, but NEVER
let them win
just because they’re human.
They’ll respect you for it.
Exercise is overrated, but exercise equipment
is very useful.
Never miss the opportunity
for a nap.
Humans needs constant supervision and
Time-consuming, but necessary.
Mother's Day 2000 - Jelly moved aboard
Nine of Cups as ship's cat.
When we last visited her in December 2008
(above photo), she was sprawled out on
Mom's sofa, snoozing peacefully.
Be vigilant! You never know when an island
will appear and God knows if the crew will
notice. Land ho...St. Helena Island
If you teach a man to fish....
This sort of behavior should never, never be
, but the family resemblance is uncanny.
Always have a way out...or in! Insist on your
own cat door.
Live dangerously and enjoy the adventure!
If ANY nook or cranny in the boat is opened
or exposed, it should immediately be
occupied by a cat.
Cat Games
In addition to playing
with string and
jumping on our heads
from the bimini, one
of Jelly’s favorite games is to try to catch a line
poking from the scupper drain. She’s bright
enough to know that it originates from the other
side of the scupper and usually checks out both
sides of the hole to determine her best vantage
point. We think she realizes it’s a game though
because she’ll never try to take it from our hands,
just from the end of the scupper.
There’s that pesky line now.
Oops! Was that my imagination?
No, it was definitely a line and I think I
should catch it.
Just a little prodding and it's mine.
Sometimes “up to the elbows” is required…
but still no line.
Time for a  nap…let David rest…
and I’ll play with him again later.
Jelly may sleep all the day long, but she’s
usually awake when the sun comes up.  Here
she is waiting on the solar panels for the sun to
start working its magic and warm her butt.
No, this wasn’t a staged photo. We brought
the horseshoe down below for repair and Jelly
felt the need to sit beneath it…for hours…we
couldn’t get her to budge.
Take a look at this oh so typical cat behavior.
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