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Butterflies of the World
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Photographing butterflies is akin to
photographing birds only harder because they're
smaller and tend to flit and flutter more. That
said, occasionally I've been fortunate enough to
capture pix of these wonderful critters. Of
course, if I have the photo, I'm then obsessed
with identifying the type of butterfly. That, of
course, presents more problems. Many
butterflies are dimorphic (males and females
look different) and of course, they look different
when the wings are open versus closed.  I
picked up
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of
which seems to do a pretty good
job of including most butterflies we've
encountered once I figure out what they might
be. There are several local websites that help as
well. By the way, if you notice an error, please
let me know so I can correct it. I'm definitely a
novice at this. I've posted even the ones we
can't identify with the location where they were
photographed. Thanks to Tim in Wisconsin for
helping identify some of these!
Zebras - Pico Duarte-Domincan Repub
Magnificient Owl - Darien Jungle, Panama
Diana fritillary (female) - Maryland,USA
Pallid tiger swallowtail - WV, USA
Milkweed monarch - Iowa, USA
Clouded sulphur - Iowa, USA
Zebra swallowtail - WV, USA
Blue copper - Cedar Breaks, UT, USA
Common sulphur - Maryland, USA
Battus Polydamas - Iguazu, Argentina
Blue Moon- Mangareva, Gambiers, FP
No ID - Libertad, Ecuador
Blue Morpho - Iquitos, Peru
Hackberry - West Virgina, USA
(Asterocampa celtis)
Red cracker - Iquitos, Peru
(Hamadryas amphinome)
We'll add more photos as they become
available. Remember, if you can help with the
identification like Tim in Wisconsin did, it would
be most appreciated!   Thanks...
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Unidentified moth - Galapagos, Ecuador
Pipevine Swallowtail - Indiana, USA
Moneybat - Bahamas
Note: the bite out of the wing was Jelly's
attempt to catch it and bring it to mama
Colobura dirce - Iquitos, Peru
Gray cracker - Tobago
(Hamadryas februa)
Unidentified moth(?) - Darien Jungle, Pan
Unidentified moth - Easter Island
Moringa moth - Etosha, Namibia
Unidentified - Iquitos, Peru
Heliconius erato- Trinidad
Crow butterfly - Niue
(Euploea lewinii eschscholtzii)
Red Admiral - Iowa, USA
(Vanessa atalanta)
Cabbage white/leadplant - Neb, USA
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Soldier - Nevada, USA
Mechantis doryssus - Darien Jungle,
Butterfly bliss!
Red Admiral  - Chatham Island
(endemic to NZ)