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Africa Facts:
  • Africa is the second largest continent (12,000,000 sq miles) and the second most populous
    continent (est 1 billion Nov 2009)

  • It is estimated that African people speak more than 1,000+ languages and regional dialects.  

  • The number of countries/nations on the continent changes frequently, but as of this writing
    (2012) the number was 54 (I think).

  • Highest point: Mount Kilimanjaro - Uhuru Point - (5, 5.963 m/19,340 ft) in Tanzania.
  • Lowest point: Lake 'Asal (153 m/502 ft below sea level) in Djibouti.

  • Africa contains
  • the longest river in the world: The Nile
  • the largest desert in the world: The Sahara
  • the world's oldest desert, and the only desert in Africa inhabited by elephant, rhino,
    giraffe and lion.
  • Four of the five fastest land animals live in Africa - the cheetah, wildebeest, lion, and
    Thomson's gazelle.
The African continent covers nearly 12 million square miles (31 million sq
km). Just for grins, it could hold the land occupied by China, India, Europe,
Argentina, New Zealand and the continental United States, with room to
 (Calif Acad of Science)
Republic of South Africa
Flowers of Africa
Birds of Africa
According to World Atlas, the name Africa came into Western use through
the Romans, who used the name Africa terra "land of the Afri" for the
northern part of the continent. Afri may possibly refer to a tribe that
inhabited North Africa