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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Nine of Cups is a 45' Liberty cutter-rigged sailing yacht.  We've lived aboard since April 2000 and we're sailing around the world ...ever so slowly.
Our current location:  Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Nautical Miles Sailed in 2016:                0
Nautical Miles Sailed to date:
       86,424 since our departure from Kemah, TX in May 2000.  
HOT NEWS....  Cups is on the hard in Trinidad. Crew is in the USA        Check justalittlefurther.com for daily blog updates.  (Latest update 18 Jan 2016)
David and Marcie - Las Vegas 2014. Find out
more about the crew by clicking on the
Side.       (Photo: Mary Ramirez)
Jelly  was our ship's cat
for eight years and
retired in 2007 to live
with my Mom. Jelly
passed on to cat heaven
on September 13, 2014
at the ripe old age of 14.

still has her own
S/y Nine of Cups under way...Take a tour
of Cups or find out how she got her
name.            (Photo: Joanne Klare)
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Current Passages & Destinations
In the beginning...
US East Coast, Bahamas, Canada
The Caribbean
Panama 2003 & 2008
South America including Galapagos
TransAtlantic Crossings 2006 & 2007
Trips Home - Touring the US
South Pacific Crossing 2009
New Zealand
Western Australia (May-August 2014)
Crossing the Great Australian Bight (Apr 2014)
South Australia (Feb 2013-March 2014)
Still working on the update!
Birds of the World
Charts & Tables
A "Collective" of Animals
Flowers of the World
Vital Signs
Info for Cruisers
Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado
What's in a Name?
Take a Tour of the Boat
Communications Aboard
The Crew
Jelly's Page
Fishing Aboard
Boat Projects and Diversions
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Passage Maps - 2000 - 2015
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